Archive | February 9, 2015

Anthem warning of Phishing campaigns targeting exposed account holders

Last week Anthem Inc. warned that a breach of its network exposed the personal information of as many as 80 million people. This week they have posted a bulliten warning that scammers are sending phishing e-mailsto people whos onformation was stolen.

How to protect yourself against phishing:

  1. Be wary of emails asking for confidential information – especially information of a financial nature. Legitimate organizations will never request sensitive information via email
  2. Make sure you familiarise yourself with a website’s privacy policy. The majority of commercial websites have a privacy policy, which is usually accessible at the foot of the page. The most useful thing to look for is the website’s policy on whether it will or will not sell its mailing list.
  3. Watch out for generic-looking requests for information. Fraudulent emails are often not personalised, while authentic emails from your bank often reference an account you have with them. Many phishing emails begin with “Dear Sir/Madam”, and some come from a bank with which you don’t even have an account.

Source: Anthem

Skype 5.2 for Android released, photo sharing enhanced

Microsoft seems to be positioning Skype as an all purpose communication app with frequent updates over the last six month that have added support for features outside of its traditional use as VoIP application. Added today is support for sending photos to Skype contacts who are not online.

Source: Skype Blog

100GB of OneDrive for two years through Bing rewards

Last year Microsoft offered a promotion to some Microsoft account holders for two years of 100GB of OneDrive storage  through their Bing rewards plan. This promotion is once again active and will add 100GB to your existing OneDrive storage for two years from the date activated. You must activate the promotion by Feb 28 2015.

Source: Bing Rewards