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Android Locker Trojan in the wild

Android package file
The Trojan may arrive as a package with the following characteristics:

Package name: Nero.lockphone
Version number: 1.0

When the Trojan is being installed, it requests permissions to perform the following actions:

  • Access information about the Wi-Fi state.
  • Change Wi-Fi state
  • Start once the device has finished booting
  • End background processes
  • Access list of current or recently running tasks
  • Prevent processor from sleeping or screen from dimming
  • Send SMS messages

Once installed, the application will display an icon with a picture of a red-haired boy on a bicycle.

When the Trojan is executed, it creates a service with the following name:

  • killserve

Next, the Trojan locks the screen to block the user from accessing the compromised device.

Microsoft Surface 3 firmware update released

Surface_FirmYesterday Microsoft released a second Surface Pro 3 update for the month of March. You will probably find the update ready to install but if not you can manually check for the update by following the instructions below. This business focused firmware update adds support for enterprise disk encryption, enhances the advanced configuration settings for device security, and adds configurable support from the Windows OS for provisioning scenarios.

Step 1: Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and tap Settings.
(If you’re using a mouse, point to upper-right corner of screen, move the mouse pointer down, and click Settings.)
Step 2: Tap or click Change PC settings, and tap or click Update and recovery.
Step 3: Tap or click Check now.
Step 4: If there are updates available, tap or click View details.
Step 5: Tap or click to select the updates you want to install, and tap or click Install.
You will need to restart Surface after the updates have been installed.

Flash Player zero-day exploit infected

Visitors to the New York Daily News website or Metacafe website recently could have been infected with malware, according to Malwarebytes.

The malware was being delivered via advertising redirected users to the Hanjuan Exploit Kit. Researchers only observed the exploit taking advantage of a recently patched Adobe Flash Player zero-day vulnerability – CVE-2015-0313.

The threat is a an auto download attack that requires no user interaction, meaning no clicking is required to become infected

This a stealth infection on a very public site that users expect to be “safe”. This is an example of why workstations need to be running up to date virus programs and have the latest security updates installed.

Apple updates its Safari browser: addresses 17 security vulnerabilities

Safari updates 8.04, 7.14 and 6.24 patch multiple memory corruption issues in WebKit, another vulnerability affects the user interface and could open the door to phishing attacks.

Source: Apple

Outlook Mobile update released: People / Contacts integration

Outlook UpdateOutlook Mobile (Formerly Acompli) is in use at most of our clients as their mail client to access on premises Exchange servers as well as Office 365. While the program has remained mostly unchanged from Acompli since the purchase by Microsoft today’s update is a major shift. Previously your full contact information was not available from within Outlook. When using People it would only provide you with a contacts email address. Now you have full access to all of the information in your Exchange contacts including notes.

This update will enable users to stop using the Android contacts application and brings the Outlook mobile client very close to being as full featured as a desktop mail client.

OneDrive for Android updated

OneDrive Android

The OneDrive client for Android includes the ability to access both your personal and business OneDrive (Most commonly Office 365 Users) however you have not been able to share information from the Android client . With this update you can now share files as you would from the web client.

OneNote for iPhone and Mac updated

Microsoft has delivered an updater to OneNote on both iPhone and Mac. OneNote for iPhone includes note previews and notebooks reordering. OneNote for Mac provides enhanced notebook sharing functionality.

iphone-note-previewOneNote for iPhone

On iPhone, the note list in each section now displays a note preview so you can visually identify the note you’re looking for more quickly.

In addition to note previews another enhancement to notebook organization. If you have several notebooks on your iPhone and want to list them in a different order, you can now drag and drop to easily re-order your notebooks.

OneNote for Mac–notebook sharing enhancements

With this update it is even easier to share notebooks by providing you a way to invite your contacts to collaborate on notebooks, selecting whether they can view only or edit the notebooks and remove sharing access when needed. These improvements work with notebooks you created on OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

Additionally, OneNote for iPhone, iPad and Mac all received bug fix updates this week as well.

iOS 8.2 Released, addresses “FREAK” vulnerability

The FREAK vulnerability could allow attackers to conduct man-in-the-middle attacks on encrypted networks, including SSL and TLS. The vulnerability only affected connections to servers that support export-strength RSA cipher suites. IN addition to this security fix there were several additions and changes with the update including the Apple Watch App and stability tweaks and foxes for the operating system.

Adobe Flash Updated: 11 Vulnerabilities patched

Those using Flash Player desktop runtime for Windows and Macintosh can update to version

Flash Player’s installed on Chrome, Internet Explorer and Windows 8.x will automatically update. The vulnerabilities affecting Windows and Macintosh users were given the most severe priority rating, which indicate the vulnerabilities are currently being targeted by attackers.

The fixes resolve memory corruption, type confusion, integer overflow, and use-after-free flaws, which all lead to code execution, in addition bugs that would allow for cross-domain policy bypass and file upload policy bypass.

OneNote Clipper 2.0 with improved interface and location picker

OneNote-Clipper-2.0OneNote Clipper is a browser toolbar button that lets you clip anything you see on the web: articles, images etc. and save them to OneNote. Once the toolbar / shortcut has been saved to your favorites bad you can click it to activate OneNote Clipper and select what you wish to save and save it to your choice of notebooks.

New in version 2.0 is a redesigned interface which takes up less space than the previous version and is easier to use.

The location picker now allows you save specific locations of a page, allowing you to only save what you need.

OneNote 2.0 also now remembers the last notebook you were in, so you no longer have to browse if you plan to save multiple pages  or clips to the same notebook.

Source: OneNote Clipper

Source: OneNote Download