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The Mac malware market is growing

Previously limited almost exclusively to machines running Windows two new Ransomware variants have been detected that target Apple Mac users.

The first encrypts data and demands payment before files are released. This is similar to standard, the second is spyware that captures screenshots and keystrokes.

Both attacks are relatively new, and details on their origins are still sparse. Users are advised to keep regular backups of their data in case their devices are compromised and files are made inaccessible.

Both programs were uncovered by the security firms Fortinet and AlienVault, which found a portal on the Tor network.

Apple Product Critical Security Updates

Apple has released security updates for several of its products, products that received security updates include macOS Server, tvOS, watchOS, iOS, macOS, Safari, and their productivity applications; Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

Source: Apple

Office 2016 Preview for Mac updated

Microsoft has released a significant update to the Office 2016 Preview available for Mac. Since its release the preview has become quote stable, allowing users to use a modern version of Office without Windows.  The updated includes changes to Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

If you have not downloaded the preview we recommend trying out:

Source: Office Preview for Mac

OneNote for iPhone and Mac updated

Microsoft has delivered an updater to OneNote on both iPhone and Mac. OneNote for iPhone includes note previews and notebooks reordering. OneNote for Mac provides enhanced notebook sharing functionality.

iphone-note-previewOneNote for iPhone

On iPhone, the note list in each section now displays a note preview so you can visually identify the note you’re looking for more quickly.

In addition to note previews another enhancement to notebook organization. If you have several notebooks on your iPhone and want to list them in a different order, you can now drag and drop to easily re-order your notebooks.

OneNote for Mac–notebook sharing enhancements

With this update it is even easier to share notebooks by providing you a way to invite your contacts to collaborate on notebooks, selecting whether they can view only or edit the notebooks and remove sharing access when needed. These improvements work with notebooks you created on OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

Additionally, OneNote for iPhone, iPad and Mac all received bug fix updates this week as well.

Microsoft Office 2016 Preview for Mac available

Mac users have always been running a version or so behind. With the recent release of Office 2016 Preview for Windows the rumors were that a version for Mac was being developed and Office 2016 would finally bring the two platforms in sync.


Today Microsoft has released the Office 2016 Preview for Mac. Office 2016 for Mac includes new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. While we have not had a chance to test these applications, this like the Windows preview should not be used in a production environment.

Source: Microsoft

Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player on Mac, Windows and Linux

Adobe has released a patch for its Flash player and recommends you download the updated versions from their download center.

Source: Adobe