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OneDrive for Android Updated

OneDrive for Android has been updated to include support for Android wear, the operating system running on Google watches. The update so far ads only cosmetic functionality enabling OneDrive watch face on your Android Wear watch, so that each time you activate the watch, you’ll see one of your photos from the last 30 days.


It is expected in the future that Android wear devices will get more OneDrive functionality added, most likely the voice search feature available on Windows Phone.


OneDrive for Android updated

OneDrive Android

The OneDrive client for Android includes the ability to access both your personal and business OneDrive (Most commonly Office 365 Users) however you have not been able to share information from the Android client . With this update you can now share files as you would from the web client.

OneNote for iPhone and Mac updated

Microsoft has delivered an updater to OneNote on both iPhone and Mac. OneNote for iPhone includes note previews and notebooks reordering. OneNote for Mac provides enhanced notebook sharing functionality.

iphone-note-previewOneNote for iPhone

On iPhone, the note list in each section now displays a note preview so you can visually identify the note you’re looking for more quickly.

In addition to note previews another enhancement to notebook organization. If you have several notebooks on your iPhone and want to list them in a different order, you can now drag and drop to easily re-order your notebooks.

OneNote for Mac–notebook sharing enhancements

With this update it is even easier to share notebooks by providing you a way to invite your contacts to collaborate on notebooks, selecting whether they can view only or edit the notebooks and remove sharing access when needed. These improvements work with notebooks you created on OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

Additionally, OneNote for iPhone, iPad and Mac all received bug fix updates this week as well.

Phishing email circulating claiming to be from Microsoft Volume Licensing

A post on the Cisco Managed Threat Defense blog reports Emails that purport to come from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center are circulating

This email will have a custom subject line and will look very similar to a real email from Microsoft. Clients should be very careful when receiving any VLSC emails while this is circulating.

Source: Cisco

100GB of OneDrive for two years through Bing rewards

Last year Microsoft offered a promotion to some Microsoft account holders for two years of 100GB of OneDrive storage  through their Bing rewards plan. This promotion is once again active and will add 100GB to your existing OneDrive storage for two years from the date activated. You must activate the promotion by Feb 28 2015.

Source: Bing Rewards

Office without subscription on iOS and Android

Microsoft’s Office suite for iPad, iPhone, and Android is now available without an Office365 subscription. In a surprise move, Microsoft untethered Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for mobile from requiring an active Office365 subscription allowing any iOS or Android user to download and use the applications with personal OneDrive accounts today and soon wroth Dropbox integration.

Source: Office Blogs

OneDrive for Office365 users increasing from 1TB to “Unlimited”

This past July Microsoft expanded the OneDrive included with Office 365 subscriptions to 1 Terabyte. This was a move prompted by competition from DropBox and Google.  Now Office365 Home, Personal, and University subscribers will soon have no cap on storage for OneDrive with OneDrive for Business customers being upgraded in early 2015.

Source: OneDrive Blog

Share large OneDrive files with Outlook.com

Many if not most mail services have a limit for attachments in the low megabytes. While there are a number of ways to move files this is certainly one of the easiest and with 15G free with every Outlook.com / OneDrive account its among the least expensive.

In order to send a large file with OneDrive simply upload the file to your OneDrive and then from Outlook.com choose Insert and then Share From One Drive. You will then be able to browse your OneDrive storage and select any file. The recipient of your email will then receive a link that they can download the file without needing a OneDrive account.


Source: Office Blogs

New Photo View in OneDrive for Android

A new view has been added to the Android client: All Photos View. This new view lists photos by data, regardless of what folder they are in allowing you to browse quickly.

Source: OneDrive Blog

OneDrive camera roll bonus increased to 15Gigs

While timed to coincide with the new iPhone release this increase is available for Windows Phone users and Android phone users as well. If you are already using OneDrive to auto backup your phone photos you need to take no additional steps, you have (Or should have been) upgraded from the standard 3gig bonus to the 15gig.

If you have not used OneDrive on your phone you need to install the application and enable the automatic photo backup prior to the end of September.

Source: OneDrive Blog