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Skype 5.2 for Android released, photo sharing enhanced

Microsoft seems to be positioning Skype as an all purpose communication app with frequent updates over the last six month that have added support for features outside of its traditional use as VoIP application. Added today is support for sending photos to Skype contacts who are not online.

Source: Skype Blog

Skype support coming to browsers

Microsoft Skype is coming to the Web with in-browser support for instant messaging, voice, and video chat.

At first you will need a plugin to enable the voice and video. Initially support Internet Explorer 10 or newer, as well as the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome.

Source: Skype Blog

Microsoft launches Skype Qik video chat app

The Skype team at Microsoft has released a new companion app. Often the actual intent of a text based message is indeed lost. There are a host of short video messaging apps out there but now we have an option from a business focused company that works alongside a business class application.

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Skype updated for iOS8

Today’s update of Skype for iOS takes advantage of the new support for extensions and allows access to incoming calls and messages directly from the lock screen. A significant improvement from having to unlock your phone.

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Skype Update for iPhone: Group calling added

Group calling in Skype is an easy way to carry on a conference call without an expensive phone system right from your desktop or notebook. Now that functionality has been added to the iPhone allowing you to group call from almost anywhere.

Source: Skype Blog