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Curve-Tor-Bitcoin (CTB) Locker ransomware Alert

A variant of Curve-Tor-Bitcoin (CTB) Locker ransomware  is being distributed in a spam campaign now offers victims additional time to pay the ransom, but also requires them to pay a whole lot more than previously, according to the latest research by Trend Micro. This is just the latest wave of this type of malware and users need to be vigilant.

The bad news is that, as its name implies, ransomware holds your system ransom. The first thing this package does is corrupt your files – all your files. Photos, videos, office documents; Local files, network files, shared files… Then a warning screen from the criminals alerts you, telling you that your files are “encrypted” and demanding that you pay a ransom via electronic fund transfer or your files will be lost forever.

Source: Trend Micro

Adobe emergency Zero Day fix released for Flash

Adobe released an emergency fix for a critical vulnerability in Flash Player – one of two zero-day flaws in the product which had been actively exploited in the past week. Users should install this at their earliest convenience.

Source: Adobe

Oracle releases first batch of fixes for 2015: 169 fixes

From Java browser plugins and MYSQL to Sun Systems Products Suite a host of these fixes patch remotely exploitable issues and patches should be applied.

Source: Oracle

Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player on Mac, Windows and Linux

Adobe has released a patch for its Flash player and recommends you download the updated versions from their download center.

Source: Adobe

LastPass for Mac now available

We always recommend customers store their passwords securely and to maintain secure (read complicated and difficult to remember) passwords. We frequently suggest LastPass for both computer and mobile users. Now the popular program is available for the Mac from the iTunes store.

Source: iTunes

Firefox 35 released; Several vulnerabilities addressed

Mozilla has  released Firefox 35 and it comes with fixes for several critical vulnerabilities. Firefox users should upgrade immediately.

Source: Mozilla

Surface Pro 3 Firmware updates available

This months Microsoft updates include the following updates for the Surface Pro 3:

  • Surface Pro UEFI update (v3.11.450.0) adds support for updated HD Graphics Family driver.
  • HD Graphics Family driver update (v10.18.14.4029) enhances display stability and performance, improves user experience when using Miracast adapters. Improves compatibility with DisplayPort monitors and daisy chaining.
  • Wireless Network Controller and Bluetooth driver update (v15.68.3073.151) addresses connectivity issues while Hyper-V is enabled. Adds an advanced feature to control the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz band preference.
  • Surface Home Button driver update (v2.0.1179.0) ensures compatibility with the Surface Hub app.
  • Microsoft Docking Station Audio Device driver update (v1.31.35.7) improves the user experience while using the Surface Pro 3 Docking Station so that sound is available when a speaker is not connected to the docking station.

Source: Microsoft Surface Update History

Adobe releases patches for nine vulnerabilities

Adobe’s latest security update patches vulnerabilities affecting Windows, Macintosh and Linux users of its Flash Player in addition to bugs in Adobe AIR.

Source: Adobe

January Patch Tuesday includes critical patch for telnet

A Vulnerability in Windows User Profile Service Could Allow Elevation of Privilege. All clients should ensure their systems are patched tonight.

Source: Microsoft Support

Office Apps preview available for Android tablets

Previously available through a preview program the Office Apps for Android are now available to everyone in the Google Play store. You can find them here: Word, Excel & PowerPoint