Archive | March 2016

New Crypto threat: Petya Ransomware

Petya represents is new  twist on crypto. It was found recently targeting companies in a spam campaign. The emails contained a link to a Dropbox file that if clicked loads a dropper that installs Petya. Dropbox has since removed the link and several others that were associated that also contained the same malware.



If the archive is downloaded and executed, the ransomware is installed. Petya does not encrypt the file data itself, which would take a long time for an entire hard drive, but by encrypting the MFT the OS will no longer know where the files are located on disk. Then the  malicious program will  trigger a critical Windows error that will cause the computer to reboot — a condition known as a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).


OneNote import utility for Evernote released

Microsoft is making available a new free importer tool designed to bring users’ Evernote notes into OneNote. Evernote is a popular product that competes with OneNote and migrating data has been an issue for users.

The OneNote Importer tool is available from Microsoft: Here                 OneNote