Archive | April 28, 2015

LastPass is almost everywhere! (Now on Apple Watch)

We strongly recommend a good password system for everyone. For many that means implementing one of the password services. The one we most often recommend is LastPass and one of the reasons in you can get a client for almost any browser and device. Now it seems you can have one for a watch.

Source: LastPass

Ransomware attacks up 113 Percent in 2014

Beginning in 2013 a new type of Malware was spreading via email: Ransomware.  Even today in 2015 most people are unaware of Ransomware and are unable to take steps against it.

As the name implies, “ransomware” is malware that prevents you from accessing data or information on your computer until you pay a ransom or a specified amount of money.

Just as sophisticated phishing emails appear to be from trusted financial institutions or other respected companies, ransomware can appear to be from legitimate sources such as legal authorities or even government officials. A demand is usually made for a fine to be paid for the “illegal activity” that was supposedly found originating from your computer. The illegal activity claim could be items like copying songs or duplicating videos and violating copyright laws.

The two commonest forms of ransomware will: lock the screen with a full-screen image or Web page to prevent access to the computer; or encrypt files with a password that prevents access to data or information.

The other bad news for those infected with this malware is that paying the ransom does not always return your computer to normal.

Source: Symantec