Archive | September 10, 2014

Skype Update for iPhone: Group calling added

Group calling in Skype is an easy way to carry on a conference call without an expensive phone system right from your desktop or notebook. Now that functionality has been added to the iPhone allowing you to group call from almost anywhere.

Source: Skype Blog

File Size in OneDrive increased to 10 Gigabytes

The default file size for OneDrive (Formerly SkyDrive) has been 2GB for quite some time. While this was not an issue for the majority of files users worked with it was an issue for users uploading video or Outlook archive files. Today this limit has been increased to 10 GB which is large enough to back up almost all users Archive files. (Where we most often ran into the 2 GB limit)

Source: OneDrive Blog

Changes to iCloud make it more competitive

While the majority of our customers use OneDrive or Dropbox there is a significant number of iPhone users that use iCloud as their Cloud storage of choice. Pricing for iCloud has always been higher than the competition but it has come close to the pricing offered by its competitors today as well as finally offering a Terabyte option. The cost for the new TB option is $19.99 per month while OneDrive and Dropbox comes in at $9.99