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OneNote for iPad updated

OneNote for iPad been updated with the ability to search your handwritten notes for text, just as you can already search for text in actual text and in images. Handwriting recognition works in 25 languages, with more coming in the future.

OneNote HandwritingIn addition to this Microsoft has updated the menu to be more familiar to the OneNote for iPhone experience, you can now easily swipe from the left to view the drawer where you can view all your notebooks, open or create notebooks, reorder and close notebooks. Additionally, you can now more easily access and manage your accounts and app settings in this all-new user interface. This makes all the ideas and information you keep in OneNote more convenient to recall.

Handwriting comes to OneNote for iPad

While OneNote is available on virtually every platform only some tablets have had one of its best features: Handwriting. Microsoft has now released an update to the iPad version to allow handwriting and drawing within your notes.


Considering the iPad is among the most popular tablets this feature is overdue.

Source: Office Blogs

Recommended: Acompli mobile mail client for Exchange and Office365

The majority of our clients are Outlook users connecting to either an on-premises Exchange server or to Office365 in the cloud. While the built in mail apps found in iOS and Android do work well enough for many we often get asked is there a more “Outlook like” solution for phones.

Having tested multiple applications on both iOS and Android the one that we have found to be both easy to use and dependable, while providing superior functionality to the default applications is Acompli.

Available for both Android and iOS phones it also has an excellent version for iPads allowing iOS users to have a similar experience on both of their devices. Usable in both portrait and landscape, It transitions smoothly from one to two panes when rotated to landscape.

What sets Acompli apart from the default mail apps are features such as its integrated calendar that works with the email functions. You can jump between email and the calendar without switching between applications

An aggregated inbox lets you see mail from multiple accounts in one view allowing you to use the app for both personal and business email.

New tool to migrate away from iMessage

Apple had launched a new tool to make it easier for iOS users to switch to a competing smartphone platform and not lose text messages. Previously, iPhone users who switched to a rival operating system would still have their numbers locked into Apple’s iMessage servers, creating problems with text messages not showing up. Now, with the new tool, users can unregister their numbers from the iMessage system and text messages won’t be lost should you switch to a different platform.

The web-based tool allows you to enter your phone number into the system and Apple will send you a confirmation code via SMS. You’ll need to type the code into the browser and your number will be released and freed from iMessage.
Source: Apple

Microsoft launches Skype Qik video chat app

The Skype team at Microsoft has released a new companion app. Often the actual intent of a text based message is indeed lost. There are a host of short video messaging apps out there but now we have an option from a business focused company that works alongside a business class application.

Download here:




Source: Skype Blog

OneDrive for iOS8: PIN Support and more

A majority of mobile phone users are storing at least some data in the Cloud, with the explosion of growth Office365 many of our customers are storing sensitive information there and accessing it from their iPads and iPhones.

Microsoft has recently updated OneDrive for iOS8 to support a PIN. Enabling this feature will add another layer required to access your files with your OneDrive app for iOS. We cannot strongly enough stress the importance of securing company data that is accessible from private devices that can be easily lost or stolen.

In addition to this change Microsoft has made the app make better use of the new larger 4.7″ and 5.5″ iPhone 6 screen sizes.

Source: OneDrive Blog

Changes to iCloud make it more competitive

While the majority of our customers use OneDrive or Dropbox there is a significant number of iPhone users that use iCloud as their Cloud storage of choice. Pricing for iCloud has always been higher than the competition but it has come close to the pricing offered by its competitors today as well as finally offering a Terabyte option. The cost for the new TB option is $19.99 per month while OneDrive and Dropbox comes in at $9.99

Source: Apple.com/iCloud

Recommended: Office for iPad: 15m Webinar

The majority of our clients have at least a handful of users with iPads that are used for business.  Whether BYOD or company provided we recommend an Office365 subscription to allow them to access the same documents they use on premises with the ability to create, and edit Office documents on your iPad with touch-friendly versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps.

Here we are linking a video from the Office15 Minute Webinar Series which will give you a looks at what Office Apps on the iPad look like and what they can do.


Source: Webinar: iPad, Office, and the cloud