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Outlook for iOS to be updated; Sunrise Cal to be phased out

Starting today iOS users will start getting an updated Outlook with a new cleaner look. Soon Microsoft will bring technology from its Sunrise Calendar app to the Outlook mobile app for iOS. Sunrise is a very popular Calendar app on both iOS and Android and once the features of Sunrise have been migrated to the Outlook Calendar the Sunrise app will be removed from the stores. Android users can expect these updates at later date.

Apple has released updates to iOS “Office” products

Apple has released security updates for Keynote, Pages, and Numbers for  iOS to address multiple vulnerabilities. Exploitation of some of these vulnerabilities may allow a remote attacker to take control of an affected system.

Detailed information available from Apple.

OneNote Updated to Support iOS 9

OneNote adds support for iOS 9 and iPad Pro with multitasking, Spotlight search and Apple Pencil with the latest release as well as Split View, you can have OneNote open side-by-side with another app, making it easier than ever to take notes while running an app.


OneNote for iOS 9 can be downloaded from the App Store

Sunrise Calendar for iOS and Android adds direct Office365 integration

SunriseThe Sunrise Calendar is hands down our recommended Calendar for mobile. Previously the app required you to use the phone (iOS or Android) accounts to access Office365. Now the access to Office365 is integrated into the app itself.

Sunrise is available from the Apple and Google app stores.

Outlook for Mobile Updated

Microsoft is picking up the pace with changes to the newly christened Outlook Mobile. This most recent update adds greater functionality to the Agenda widget and includes general performance improvements. Unfortunately the underlying Calendar the agenda widget uses is still less featured and less user friendly than Microsoft’s Sunrise Calendar which remains our recommended Calendar app for Mobile. Screenshot_2015-04-02-17-46-50

Outlook Mobile update released: People / Contacts integration

Outlook UpdateOutlook Mobile (Formerly Acompli) is in use at most of our clients as their mail client to access on premises Exchange servers as well as Office 365. While the program has remained mostly unchanged from Acompli since the purchase by Microsoft today’s update is a major shift. Previously your full contact information was not available from within Outlook. When using People it would only provide you with a contacts email address. Now you have full access to all of the information in your Exchange contacts including notes.

This update will enable users to stop using the Android contacts application and brings the Outlook mobile client very close to being as full featured as a desktop mail client.

OneNote for iPhone and Mac updated

Microsoft has delivered an updater to OneNote on both iPhone and Mac. OneNote for iPhone includes note previews and notebooks reordering. OneNote for Mac provides enhanced notebook sharing functionality.

iphone-note-previewOneNote for iPhone

On iPhone, the note list in each section now displays a note preview so you can visually identify the note you’re looking for more quickly.

In addition to note previews another enhancement to notebook organization. If you have several notebooks on your iPhone and want to list them in a different order, you can now drag and drop to easily re-order your notebooks.

OneNote for Mac–notebook sharing enhancements

With this update it is even easier to share notebooks by providing you a way to invite your contacts to collaborate on notebooks, selecting whether they can view only or edit the notebooks and remove sharing access when needed. These improvements work with notebooks you created on OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

Additionally, OneNote for iPhone, iPad and Mac all received bug fix updates this week as well.

iOS 8.2 Released, addresses “FREAK” vulnerability

The FREAK vulnerability could allow attackers to conduct man-in-the-middle attacks on encrypted networks, including SSL and TLS. The vulnerability only affected connections to servers that support export-strength RSA cipher suites. IN addition to this security fix there were several additions and changes with the update including the Apple Watch App and stability tweaks and foxes for the operating system.

Personal Mobile Devices with access to corporate networks should be secured

Your employees phone and or tablet more than likely has access to their corporate email account. In many cases they have access to corporate documents in the cloud or via VPN.

The simple act of enabling a password or PIN number on a phone can save you a tremendous amount of hassle. This is the simplest front line of defense.  While people don’t deliberately forget their phone in a public restroom, gym, or restaurant, we all know it happens. So, make sure you have the appropriate device lock in place, either a pin code, or screen pattern lock. If you have a pattern lock (this is where you join the dots to unlock your phone) make sure you wipe the screen to avoid leaving smudges that can reveal your pattern. (We actually recommend not using a pattern lock for this reason).

ios phone lockOn iOs (Varies slightly by version) Click on Settings, General and Passcode Lock (you may have to scroll down a bit). This will bring you to the Passcode Lock menu, although if you already have a PIN or password set, you’ll have to input it first.

Turn Passcode On is the first and most tempting option here, but don’t click on it yet. First, you have to make a decision: Do you want a four-digit PIN, or a more complex alphanumeric password? If four digits suit you fine, ensure that Simple Password is turned on. If not, leave it off.

Although a PIN has fewer characters than a password, it’s generally just as hard for a casual thief to guess.

While a four-digit PIN has only 10,000 possible combinations, a long alphanumeric password of 10 or more digits that includes upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation marks will have trillions.

android-lockscreensAndroid can be a bit more complex as there are an almost endless variety of devices with vendor specific “skins” and security settings. Generally however you will find a setting called Lock Screen under settings.

Important to note with Android; there are many lock screen replacements available and many include their own lock methods. There are programs that run and many can be circumvented more easily than the operating systems locks and their locks should be avoided.

FREAK fix for Apple devices due within a week for iOs and OSX

Apple has mentioned to multiple sources today that patches for their operating systems are in the works and should be released in under a week, possibly as early as Monday the 9th.