Cyberattacks & Malware: The Culprit are working with you.

Everyone is aware of Malware and cyberattacks today. The media covers every credit card breach and every security loophole discovered. But the reality for many businesses is that the blame for security breaches lies inside the office. Criminals in faraway countries may design and launch the attacks, but their success is often due more to human error than technology.

While your business can and does implement technology to limit the companies vulnerability to a wide variety of attacks, technology isn’t your only line of defense. Numerous studies indicate that cyberattacks are often successful because company employees let the attackers in.

A 2014 study conducted by IBM found that in 2013, human error was involved at some level in more than 95 percent of security incidents. The most common “mistake” was an employee clicking on a malicious email link that compromised the corporate defenses in some way.

The very best defense today is employee vigilance. We cannot stress enough that each employee with access to company resources be aware of Malware and that you company have an email policy that helps employees determine unsafe emails.


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