Archive | October 8, 2014

OneDrive for iOS8: PIN Support and more

A majority of mobile phone users are storing at least some data in the Cloud, with the explosion of growth Office365 many of our customers are storing sensitive information there and accessing it from their iPads and iPhones.

Microsoft has recently updated OneDrive for iOS8 to support a PIN. Enabling this feature will add another layer required to access your files with your OneDrive app for iOS. We cannot strongly enough stress the importance of securing company data that is accessible from private devices that can be easily lost or stolen.

In addition to this change Microsoft has made the app make better use of the new larger 4.7″ and 5.5″ iPhone 6 screen sizes.

Source: OneDrive Blog

Share large OneDrive files with

Many if not most mail services have a limit for attachments in the low megabytes. While there are a number of ways to move files this is certainly one of the easiest and with 15G free with every / OneDrive account its among the least expensive.

In order to send a large file with OneDrive simply upload the file to your OneDrive and then from choose Insert and then Share From One Drive. You will then be able to browse your OneDrive storage and select any file. The recipient of your email will then receive a link that they can download the file without needing a OneDrive account.


Source: Office Blogs