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Office Online adds Dropbox support

Office OnlineIn November of 2014 Microsoft and Dropbox announced they were integrating Office and Dropbox. Initially this allowed users of Office Mobile to open and save Office documents from their Dropbox accounts. Missing at the time was support for accessing those documents without or while away from a Microsoft Office client.

This week Microsoft has announced Dropbox integration for Office Online. Now you can access your Dropbox files from any web browser and edit them in Office.

Office Mobile for Android: Open and Save DropBox files

Microsoft has updated Office for Mobile on the Google Play store and support for Dropbox has been included. This means you can open and save existing files on your Dropbox storage and create new ones from within Office Mobile.

Dropbox support coming to Office365 / iOS

With over 200M accounts Dropbox claims to be home to over 35 Billion Office documents. Accessing them is about to get a little bit easier for Office365 and iOS users. In the next update to Office for iOS users will be able to not only use documents in OneDrive but in Dropbox as well.

Source: Microsoft

Change your DropBox password immediately

Dropbox users should update their passwords and enable two-factor authentication. A hacker is claiming to have collected 7 million usernames and passwords.

To change your password, log in to your Dropbox account, click on your name and choose “settings.” Then, click on the security tab. If you have not already configured it, configure for two factor authentication.

At this time Dropbox states they have not been hacked and that any information collected is from third party apps.