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Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player on Mac, Windows and Linux

Adobe has released a patch for its Flash player and recommends you download the updated versions from their download center.

Source: Adobe

Adobe releases patches for nine vulnerabilities

Adobe’s latest security update patches vulnerabilities affecting Windows, Macintosh and Linux users of its Flash Player in addition to bugs in Adobe AIR.

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Security Updates released for Adobe Reader and Acrobat

Adobe has addressed critical vulnerabilities in its Reader and Acrobat software, including a fix for a major Flash Player bug that is being exploited in the wild. Users should ensure they update their Adobe products.

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Flash and AIR updates available as Adobe addresses 18 vulnerabilities

Users of Adobe Flash should download the latest version, after numerous bugs were patched, many of which were given a priority rating of “1”, which means that the vulnerability has a higher risk of being targeted by an attacker

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Adobe XI Products Security Update Released

Adobe recently delayed the fix for a severe vulnerability that could allow access to users systems leaving almost all users vulnerable. The security fix has now been released and we strongly suggest customers update their Adobe XI series products.

Source: Adobe Security Bulletin