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Microsoft Releases Security Bulletins, Five Rated Critical

Five of them are rated as Critical as they allow remote code execution on the affected computer.

Remote Code Execution vulnerabilities are ones that allow an attacker to remotely execute commands on a computer.

All Windows users should immediately run Windows update and install all of the available updates as soon as possible.

Microsoft releases 11 Security Updates

Included in this update are 11 security updates with 6 of them being labeled as critical allowing remote code execution. Remote code execution allows attackers to execute commands on the vulnerable system without the owner’s knowledge.

All users should immediately run Windows update and install all of the available updates as soon as possible.


OneDrive UWP app for Windows 10 Released


Microsoft has continued to improve access to your OneDrive files over time and this week Microsoft has released a Universal app for Windows 10 users. The new app replaces the one included with Windows 10 and has enhanced feature previously only found through the web interface. In addition it has added support for companies SharePoint libraries

Download OneDrive UWP: Here

Microsoft releases 16 Security Updates

Included in these updates are patches for 8 vulnerabilities labeled as critical because they allow an attacker to perform remote code execution on the vulnerable product.

All users should immediately run Windows update and install these security updates as soon as possible

Support ending: Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10

Microsoft recently announced that several versions of Internet Explorer will be retried in favor of Internet Explorer 11. Beginning next Tuesday, January 12, Microsoft will officially retire Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, and 10 for most Windows operating systems.

Source: Microsoft

Office 365: Microsoft extending deleted item retention time

Microsoft has announced that they are extending the period in which it retains deleted emails in Office 365.  Currently if you moved an email to the Deleted folder, it will permanently after 30 days.  This has now been extended to indefinitely by default and can be set by the Office 365 Administrator.  Office 365 Administrators can also create custom retention policies for email if they want the information to truly delete.

Source: Microsoft

Upgrade to OneNote 2013 on your PC

Many companies and users are still on Office 2010 with no immediate  plans to go to Office 2013. This means they are missing out on the improvements made to OneNote 2013. Until recently the free download version of OneNote 2013 was missing several key features. This has been resolved and we are not suggesting users of Office 2010 migrate to OneNote 2013 which can be donwloaded below. Some of the unlocked features include:

  • Password protected sections—Add a password to protect sensitive information.
  • Page history—Easily see or go back to prior versions of a page.
  • Audio and video recording—Take notes while recording, and easily jump to the relevant section later.
  • Audio search—Search for a word in a voice or video recording.
  • Embedded files—Insert Office documents or other files directly in your notebook.

Source: OneNote Download

Phishing email circulating claiming to be from Microsoft Volume Licensing

A post on the Cisco Managed Threat Defense blog reports Emails that purport to come from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center are circulating

This email will have a custom subject line and will look very similar to a real email from Microsoft. Clients should be very careful when receiving any VLSC emails while this is circulating.

Source: Cisco