Surface Pro 3, Surface 3 June firmware updates

Surface 3 Pro 3

This week Microsoft is releasing Firmware updates for both Surface 3 models. The Surface 3 Pro is receiving an update to its UEFI (new version is 3.11.950.0), adding support for new Windows 10 features, updates to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers (version 15.68.3091.193) which are meant to improve stability and connectivity, including download speeds, as well as an update to the AHCI controller driver (new version is

The Surface 3 is receiving four updates which improve the audio performance and experience (new Audio Device driver version is 603.9600.2563.61816), the camera’s photo and video quality (new Camera driver version is 20.9600.3444.120), and display stability and graphics performance (new HD Graphics driver version is The fourth driver update is for Surface Pen Settings (new driver version is


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