Malware being distributed through the AOL advertising network

Ransomware is being distributed to visitors of various,AOL sites, via advertisements served over the AOL advertising network, according to researchers with Cyphort Labs.

The advertisement redirected visitors to a landing page serving up either the Neutrino Exploit Kit or the Sweet Orange Exploit Kit, Bilogorskiy said. The exploit kit served a Flash exploit and a VB script, and then downloaded the Kovter trojan, which is ransomware that locks the infected machine’s screen from access by the user.

Popular AOL sites include:

Huffington Post, Movie Fine, Cambio and Daily Finance.

If you frequent any AOL properties we recommend you have your system scanned for Malware.


One response to “Malware being distributed through the AOL advertising network”

  1. Biff Slankovic says :

    Picked up a Powelik malware after clicking on an innocent looking football article. It took 6 hours on a Saturday to finally get rid of it. Luckily I have over 8gb of RAM as it had so many processes running the task manager screen took up the whole monitor. It also reset all browser settings to the most insecure and wide open. Do not click on anything if you use aol for the free email. No matter how innocent it looks.


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