Archive | August 21, 2014

OneNote updates Windows Store app to support printing, attachments and PDFs

The Windows store version (“Modern” or “Metro” if you prefer) has had a steady stream of features added since it shipped with Windows Surface RT but the number one thing missing has been Printing support.  Fortunately the latest update does add support for this key feature as well as file attachments and PDF support,  all of which were previously only available from the Desktop version of OneNote.

Source: Office Blogs

OneNote for Android updated

OneNote for Android has been updated with handwriting support bringing it more in line with the Surface / Windows and iPad/ iPhone versions.  In addition to this there is now an Android Tablet optimized user interface.

Its great to see the Android version becoming more full featured, especially on Tablet.

Source: Office Blogs

Symantec retiring some Antivirus Products

Symantec will be streamlining there product lineup.  While our clients use various Symantec products which will be retired you should expect them to be available for some time as the new Cloud based solution is in Beta.

While do have clients using the existing product and results have been overwhelmingly positive, we have doubts about the “No virus 100% virus-free money-back guarantee” they mention here.

Source: Symantec