Archive | October 2017

Ransomware Alert: Bad Rabbit

A new widespread ransomware is spreading like in Europe. Named “Bad Rabbit,” is reportedly a new Petya-like targeted ransomware attack demanding 0.05 bitcoin as ransom from victims to unlock their systems.

The ransomware was distributed via download attacks, using fake Adobe Flash players installer to lure victims’ in to install malware unwittingly. Users should not install any software they are prompted to without their intervention.

KRACK Wireless Security Vulnerability

A vulnerability in the WPA2 wireless protocol called Krack potentially allow attackers to eavesdrop on wireless connections and inject data into the wireless stream in order to install malware or modify web pages.

To protect yourself, many Wi-Fi product vendors will be releasing updated firmware and drivers for their products. It is strongly recommended that users update their hardware or have it updated as soon as a update is available in order to protect themselves. This includes router firmware and wireless network card drivers.

Microsoft October Patch Tuesday Fixes 62 Issues

The October 2017 Patch released this past Tuesday, addresses important security issues including a Word zero-day vulnerability. Users who are not on auto updates should install them immediately.